Lens Types/Replacement and Wearing Schedules/Safety

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1:  What is the healthiest type of contact lens? 2:  My doctor recommends a schedule for me to replace my lenses. Instead, is it okay if I simply replace them when they start to bother me? 3:  How often should I replace my lens if I only occasionally wear it? 4:  What's the danger in wearing contact lenses longer than the prescribed time? 5:  What can I do to make sure I'm wearing my contact lenses as safely as possible? 6:  What are the possible serious complications associated with contact lens wear and how do they happen? 7:  Who are more likely to have eye infections? How often do infections occur with contact lenses? 8:  Does sleeping in my contact lenses affect my risk for infection? 9:  How have new lens types, such as silicone hydrogel lenses and lenses disposed of daily, impacted infection rates? 10:  What are the most common organisms associated with corneal infection? 11:  What organisms are most dangerous to the eye? 12:  When should I call my doctor if I think I have a problem? 13:  When I call my doctor to report a problem, they usually tell me to come in. Why can't my doctor just prescribe me something over the phone? 14:  What can I do if my eyes are dry and the contact lenses are filmy and feel uncomfortable? 15:  Can I wear my contact lenses if I am taking prescription medications? 16:  If I wear contact lenses, why should I also have a pair of glasses? 17:  How often should contact lens wearers see their eye doctor?