Contact Lens Wear in Various Environments

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1:  Should I be concerned about wearing my contact lenses on an airplane? 2:  Should I be concerned about wearing my contact lenses in the car when the vent is blowing on my face or wind is coming in from the window? 3:  Is it safe to shower in contact lenses? 4:  Is it safe to wear my contact lenses in a bathtub or hot tub? 5:  Is it safe to swim in contact lenses? 6:  Is it safe for pregnant women to wear contact lenses? 7:  At what age can children begin wearing contact lenses? 8:  Can I wear my friend's contact lenses? What if I clean them before I put them in? 9:  Are there any problems in wearing the "circle lenses"? 10:  Is a person who wears contact lenses more likely to suffer from computer vision problems? 11:  Is it safe to sleep in contact lenses? 12:  Is it OK to nap in my contact lenses for 20-30 minutes? 13:  Are there any probelms with wearing eye makeup with my contact lenses? 14:  Are there recommendations to help contact lens wearers who suffer from eye allergies, especially during peak allergy season? 15:  Are contact lenses safe to wear in an idustrial work environment?